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It took a very long time – and we had to put many of you off, because we had to wait a very long time for the HempMate VapeMate. You will feel it, the long wait was really worth it!!! Here for you short info – everything is of course described in detail in the product details. CBDVape

VAPEMATE by HEMPMATE – We only use natural hemp oil and hemp extract, with a CBD content of 130mg and steam distilled terpenes. Every VapeMate tastes like it should- like hemp. We deliberately avoid wild, playful flavors like strawberry or mint because our Pocket Buddy is honest, serious and competent.

And that’s the way it’s supposed to taste. The taste of the VapeMates varies due to the focus on different hemp and terpene combinations. This is how we stay true to hemp – everything else is gimmicky.

The advantages at a glance:

100% hemp and hemp terpenes (bred from 3 different cannabis strains)

Only natural ingredients hemp oil/extract Cannabis Sativa L., steam distilled hemp terpenes (very flavorful).

Without PG / VG and other additives.

Naturally 100% nicotine free.

State-of-the-art evaporator system.

*Proper recycling (all info in product details)

Non-manipulable system! Up to 95% recyclable

Which VapeMate at which time of day or night? When best to use

BALANCE = balancing, finding inner balance (ideal during the day, in stressful situations, in the evening)CBDVape Balance

Attracting attention (ideal in the morning,at noon, to wake up).

SERENTIY = LOSLASSEND, BERUHIGEND, calmness, come to rest (ideal shortly before going to bed or to relax during the day)

The following terpenes (ingredients) are in the VapeMates:BALANCE = Beta-Caryophylene, FOCUS= Bisabolol and SERENTY = Pinene.

VapeMate, Ingredients /Bio- Availability, Things to know

BALANCE = Beta-Caryophylene, FOCUS= Basabolol and SERENTY = Pinene (Terpenes, Ingredients)

Trivia: there are 130mg of CBD in it per VapeMate, which means it can be counted times 4 – since the bioavailability is extremely high, even 4-5 times higher than oral CBD oil intake.

It is the most effective and fastest form to absorb CBD (about 30-40 secs via the lungs everywhere!!) and after about 2 hrs it is broken down.

The absorption of CBD oils takes about 2-3 hours in the body, but the effect lasts about 6-7 hours.

If you take about 7-8 puffs a day, a vape mate should last almost 4 weeks. Since it is a completely closed system, you can e.g. also times 2-3 weeks not at all pull it – the effect is the same, it loses no effect (thus very long durable) and it consists only of 100% hemp and Terpenen, purely natural contents materials and to 100% nicotine freely.

All testers agree:

very tasty, tasty and even irritating cough etc. is gone after a few times pull SHORT: GEILES ZEUG!!! Laboratory analyses online as download!

As of 1/1/21, vape falls under the Tobacco Act. Therefore, the descriptions on the package and on the homepage are adapted accordingly.

THC free (as good as…such a minimal amount that is not worth mentioning is in it – however, this is very important to keep it “Full Spectrum” and thus preserved for the Entourage effect.

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