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SWR 3 with poor research work

SWR 3 15.12.2020 Sabine Schütze

(Original Bold., HempMate-Greenworld, Answers Italics, 12/17/2020)

Three problems with CBD products: THC content, side effects, quality

Many people are currently stressed, insecure or afraid. That’s why more and more are turning to CBD products. Sales have increased massively in the pandemic, manufacturers say. Which I’m sure is due to the massive amount of advertising on the net. And that’s where the problems start.

HempMate- Greenworld: People are turning to CBD products for completely different reasons. The ignorance is with many already through use and thanks to good CBD products (Full Spectrum!. Indoor cultivation, pesticide and heavy metal free, without any additives of other oils, etc.) turned into knowledge! The knowledge that the more than 500 natural substances from the hemp plant can help the human body and the endocannabinoid system (as well as the animal = all mammals) far better than any chemical / artificially produced substances from the pharmaceutical industry.

The fact that CBD has a positive effect on the immune system is known to many people not only from advertising – this information can now be obtained by anyone, with sufficient good research – from the net. Unfortunately, Mrs. Sabine Schütze must have missed that. Because exactly here the “problems” begin – not with the CBD users – there are rather the “ignorant and with partial information equipped journalists those, which by exactly such statements – as to be found on 15.12.20 in SWR3 – the people completely unsettle. I’m just wondering now, why?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Like cannabis, it is derived from hemp. The difference, however, is that it is not supposed to have any psychoactive effects because the THC content is extremely low. That’s why it’s legal. CBD products are available as oil or as lozenges, which are now found in pharmacies alongside cough drops. Many also get it on the Internet. And that’s one of three problems with the issue:

HempMate- Greenworld:

Dear Ms. Sagittarius, CBD is actually cannabidiol and cannabis equals HANF! CBD, or legal hemp, belongs in every household in the world. Phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are body-like chemical compounds that act on the human and animal endocannabinoid systems. The receptors for this are mainly located in the brain. CBD is able to interact with cells. With CBD products, every user should make sure that it is a “full spectrum” product (i.e. also contains THC, these “guideline values” are Limit values! and must be complied with in the EU, e.g. up to 0.2% THC content in Germany). A product that NO THC therefore does not have the effect on the endocannabinoid system. A laboratory analysis should always be provided by the manufacturer. This is also the case with us!

Here is exactly your problem: not researched enough!!!

Problem 1: Confusing advertising claims

Products derived from the hemp plant always contain THC, the intoxicating substance. This is also why it is wrong for CBD oils to be advertised as THC-free. Furthermore, there are no mandatory limits for THC in hemp products but Recommended guide values only. And they will exceeded for every second product…and I mean clearly. By an average of 10,000 times!


Dear Ms. Schütze, where did you get the information that THC is always an intoxicating substance? The CBD oils that are advertised as THC-free do not provide the benefits that Full Spectrum CBD oil does. That much is true. On the mandatory limits for THC in CBD products bI urge you to inform yourself again, because an approval for a first-class pure CBD product, especially in Germany, requires a great challenge with an immensely high hurdle for the producing companies.

Once again: the manufacturer’s laboratory analyses must be accessible to every user! And there are very well obligatory limit values (in DE it is under 0.2% THC content).

Problem 2: Possible side effects

Those who use a CBD oil with too much THC may feel an intoxicating effect, but also sweating and discomfort. Because studies are lacking, the effects of neat CBD oil are also difficult to assess. Experience reports show that some people react to just a few drops, while others feel nothing. And CBD oil can enhance or weaken the effects of medications.

Important to know: Even by containing (legal) amounts of THC, positive drug tests can occur.


Dear Mrs. Schütze, have you already tried a CBD oil with “too much” THC? If so, from which manufacturer?….there can only be “illegally” acquired products. Aha, studies are lacking……isn’t it more like you hadn’t done your research here either? And what exactly is clean CBD oil? And how is it enhancing or weakening the effects of medications? I am very curious to hear these answers! Important to know: Please also give me a source / link that there have been positive drug tests when using legal CBD Full Spectrum products! Thank you very much!

And I assume you have already “tried” legally purchased CBD products? Sweats, malaise?

Problem 3: Internet versus pharmacy

Offers on the Internet often promise a lot without offering comprehensible quality. To avoid adverse effects and untraceable concentrations, it is recommended to try CBD oils after consulting your doctor. They can also tell you which products are safe to buy from a pharmacy.

The products in the pharmacy have a PZN. This number proves the approval as a medicine and also offers security regarding the THC value for internet pharmacy purchases.

Sabine Schütze

SWR environmental editorial office


Dear Ms. Schütze, there are certainly – as in any other industry – some black sheep among CBD product manufacturers. Have you ever talked to doctors to see if they know what CBD oils are on the market – and what to look for when buying? I am very interested in this answer, because I know some doctors who do not even know what CBD is! It is also interesting that a doctor can tell which products are safe to obtain from a pharmacy. Here I find the word “safe” (especially when you know what CBD products are offered in pharmacies – we always talk about REZEPTFREE!! – I’m curious about these lab analyses!) an absolutely non-applicable statement, which they should also be happy to explain to me.

Look with pleasure in her own SWR archive. after, there is a very interesting research, about the admission of a product “as medicine” and the emergence of the so-called PZN (order number) for pharmacy sales. If you have seen this research, you will understand that a PZN number simply states that the product may ONLY be sold in the pharmacy if it has that PZN number. Looking forward to your reply. This also applies to Internet pharmacy purchases.

Dear Mrs. Schütze, in conclusion a thought…..

It is a great pity and for us in this industry employ people even “reputation-damaging”, that with a yet provided with a decent range “SWR3 most successful public radio”, such articles are put (published) on the net. What a shame!

Other broadcasters have actually previously asked various CBD product manufacturers and informed themselves: what is there to consider….. about the production (indoor cultivation in a greenhouse?, pure CBD or additives? what are the differences / cannabis varieties? / effect “side effect”, what are terpenes? etc.)

I hope you will reply to me and I will be very happy to hear from you, including what sources you used to write your article. Thanks a lot!

Click here for the article at SWR3

Best wishes – Let’s change the world together!

HempMate Greenworld team

Christine Ferwagner

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