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CBDust Blends

The HempMate CBDust (hemp superfood powder blends) can help YOU – according to your

feel and taste

– to support everyday life with energetic vitality and balanced.


You can mix and enjoy them anytime daily as hot or cold drinks, drinks, shakes, in smoothies, cereals, yogurts, juices, oat milk, chocolate milk….just the way YOU want!

HempMate CBDust comes in 4 flavors.

(30 sticks of 7g each per pack/variety, all sustainable organic powder from HempMate ECO certified mill)

CBDust Blends


Equips the body
for its daily challenges:

  • Armouring and strengthening blend – natural shield booster! You need “PROTECT” (PROTECT). During the day, at night, simply always – your body protects YOU and works actively for YOU!


You can do anything with it.

  • Daily body reset – natural revitalization! You need “RENEW” (REFRESHMENT) for YOUR BODY, MIND, SOUL? only a strengthened, awake spirit brings everything in swing!


represents the daily and
holistic basic care
of the body with valuable nutrients and vital substances in the foreground.

  • Holistic basic mixture – natural balance! You need power, want “BASIC” (BASIC). Experience FIT and ENERGY FULL every day?


provides a daily
stimulating and vitalizing
of the entire organism.

  • Vitalizing power blend – natural power boost! You need strength, desire and momentum for the new day? “POWER” (ENERGY) for everything – what YOU do, everything that comes?

HempMate CBDust Superfood powder blends contain only high-quality, natural ingredients, completely without artificial additives and GMO-free.

All varieties 100% vegan, versatile, rich in organic vital and nutritious substances:


    (Hemp, with barley grass, flaxseed, spirulina, moringa, grape seed flour)


    (Hemp, Matcha, Guarana, Bitter Orange, Banana Powder, Maca)


    (hemp, rosehip = vitamin C, blueberry, chokeberry, flower pollen, burdock root)


    (hemp, acai berry, nettle, dandelion, chlorella, yarrow)

1 stick (7g) per day is sufficient

(can also be split e.g. on 2 times, in the morning half a stick and in the afternoon / evening half a stick)

HempMate CBDust – just take it everywhere and enjoy!

For legal reasons, the statements made here are NOT A PROMISE TO HEAL!

We have compiled information for you here, which shows – what effect the natural vital / ingredients (adaptogens = elite plants from nature) in the superfood mixtures HempMate CBDust have on us.

In each HempMate CBDust Stick (7g) are.

40% hemp powder with natural cannabidiol content.

included). Thus CBD acts as a “boost” for all vital substances – so that these also arrive there – where they should go! A brilliant mixture!


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