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My name is Chris …I have had no headaches / migraines and no back pain for 3 years. I am happy – because since I take 1-2 drops of 20% CBD oil (Full Spectrum) from HempMate every morning – I am fit and feel better – than ever before…. That’s why I became a distributor for HempMate. Since I feel so good, look so good, I wanted many – better yet, ALL PEOPLE – to feel as good as I do.

Today I’d like to share the benefits of HempMate’s premium CBD cosmetic line, SATIVA OMORFIA. Especially now in winter, our skin (it is the mirror of our inner self) is happy about the 100% natural cosmetic series Sativa Omorfia Day / Night (each 200 mg pure CBD in 50ml cream). In this context, however, I would particularly like to recommend the SATIVA REPAIR SALVE. This CBD cream has managed to completely heal a fingernail sized – open – wound on my face – with no scarring. And I tried many products…nothing had helped.

Let’s take a look at the individual ingredients, they can be found in detail in the product details. A little very important info up front from me:

In all HempMate CBD SATIVA OMORFIA CREMES, these 3 ingredients act as a BASIS: Booster complex CBD Boosting Formula as well as the extract from green tea (polyphenols), avocado oil (vitamins B, C, E, K1, beta-carophyllene = activator for CB2 receptors) further the oil from sea buckthorn, here from seeds and pulp (vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, quercetin – which very importantly protects against oxidative damage and has a wound-healing effect). It also contains the patented natural sugar complex Aquaxyl – this stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid. Good to know – because an addition of hyaluronic acid – would dry out the skin – as the skin’s own production is thereby stopped! Result: dried out skin!

  • No use of palm oil!
  • No radioactive irradiation (unfortunately this is often the case with many other manufacturers).
  • The HempMate CBD cosmetic series has already been awarded the NCS seal – the highest award for certified natural cosmetics.
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