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Hemp seeds that are produced for human consumption contain proteins, carbohydrates and fats (mainly in the form of hemp seed oil) as well as a high proportion of fiber and various valuable vitamins and minerals.

HempMate products

The cannabidiol (CBD) for all HempMate oils are grown in a controlled, pesticide-free environment to ensure it grows big, green, and strong. The hemp is then cold-pressed to extract the active CBD

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About HempMate

HempMate AG relies on many years of experience, organic cultivation and selected excellent locations for production. HempMate AG wants to know the products at all times, which is why a completely transparent production chain that you are familiar with is important. Every production sequence is known, so checks can be carried out in the processes at any time. This applies not only to subordinate laboratory values but also to checking, e.g. during the cultivation or pressing of the oils. HempMate AG leaves nothing to chance. Clean production starts with the origin of the seeds and ends with random checks of the end product. This guarantees absolute premium products.


All products with the best possible quality, regular laboratory tests and controls are a matter of course for HempMate AG. Quality that convinces! Recommendations to family, friends and acquaintances without hesitation at any time! Closeness to nature: All HempMate AG products come from strictly controlled cultivation and without the use of pesticides and pollutants. Thus, the product is presented in its pure form and only in this way does HempMate AG meet the high standards. It is a real natural product.

Seriousness & legality

HempMate AG pursues a 100% white market strategy, adheres to the applicable state laws and obtains the necessary permits. HempMate AG is of course registered with the Federal Directorate General of Customs and only sells approved products. It is very important to comply with the recipe regulations (THC limits). HempMate AG wants to lead the natural product hemp from the negative image to a more than deserved positive image. HempMate AG has hired the right experts and consultants.


HempMate AG creates an endless product and customer cycle. This creates lasting satisfaction and partnership. HempMate AG strives to create sustainability in connection with nature in cultivation and product creation. HempMate AG looks forward to returning customers and partners.

HempMate's vision

The world has to find out again that hemp can help extremely efficiently and boost the metabolism. Again, because mankind has known for centuries that hemp is life-changing, especially calming and pain relieving. This valuable knowledge has been lost due to completely unnecessary bans in the past.
Cannabidiol (CBD) or hemp, HempMate is in the genes. Hardly any other metabolic system supports the absorption of the positive hemp ingredients via specially designed receptors so reliably.
HempMate AG – the vision – to bring mankind back on the path of natural and natural hemp consumption. All national borders, languages, political or religious views are irrelevant. Cannabidiol (CBD) or legal hemp, belongs in every household in the world.

Why does HempMate's CBD work

Phytocannabidoids, terpenes and flavonoids are body-like chemical compounds that affect the human and animal endocannabinoid system. The receptors for this are mainly located in the brain. CBD is able to interact with cells.

Indirectly or directly, CBD can influence the following:
Vanilloid receptors – pain regulation
Adenosine receptors – sleep-wake cycle
Serotonin receptors – mood-stress management

Since the cannobinoids interact so effectively with our and also the animal endocannabinoid system, they can bring improvements in the following disorders: (For legal reasons, the statements made here are NOT A HEALING PROMISE!)

The entourage effect

By taking cannabidiol (CBD), different regions of the body are addressed and harmonized, and enzyme systems can be positively influenced. This also explains the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The entourage effect makes CBD products unique.
The term “entourage effect” comes from cannabis research. It states that a mixture of plant substances has a higher biological activity than the isolated pure substance itself.
The hemp plant has a variety of phytocannabinoids and terpenes. This plays a decisive role in the so-called entourage or synergy effect. The optimized effect is achieved through the combination of various cannabinoids with terpenes, whereby an intake of cannabidiol (CBD) in even moderate doses achieves excellent health results. This increase in effectiveness can already be achieved by preserving certain plant substances, in particular the terpenes and other phytocannabinoids.
HempMate AG strives for the highest possible entourage effect through the most natural ingestion of CBD (flower shape / cold-pressed oils). (Original sentence!)

Hanf mit Himmel

CBD for animals (special)


Cat and dog are in the  today more than just people’s best friends, you belong to the family and are full family members. Owners and mistresses would like to offer their animals exactly the same standard of living that they maintain themselves. The perfect thing is that all mammals have the endocannabinoid system and can therefore use the advantages of CBD as a natural product very reliably.
Our pets in particular are often burdened with many diseases and ailments that we are only too good at Know ourselves – such as pain in the musculoskeletal system, muscle tension from relieving postures, often stressed by the environment, allergies or gastrointestinal diseases. The use of CBD can help. Dogs and cats are very often afraid of thunderstorms and gunfire. This can be supported effectively in a natural way. Our CBD can be used gently and safely by the pet owner for acute as well as chronic complaints.


One of the oldest useful and ornamental plants on earth is hemp, a genus of plants within the Hemp family. The individual components of the plant - such as fibers, seeds, leaves and flowers - are imprecisely also referred to as hemp. Very different products can be made from these plant parts: such as ropes (from the fibers of the stems), the edible oil (from the seeds) or essential oil (from distilled leaves and flowers) as well as "hashish" and "marijuana" (from the dried ones Leaves, flowers and inflorescences). In addition to its role as an important, rapidly renewable raw material for the textile and construction industries, hemp is used both as an intoxicant and as a medicine.


The dried flowers of the female plant are called marijuana. The resin sits on the glandular hairs of the plant, where high concentrations of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids occur.


The Latin word for hemp is cannabis. The term cannabis is often used extensively for hemp plants and THC-containing products of the plant. When you hear the word “cannabis”, you usually first think of a plant with intoxicating effects. What many still do not know, however, is that cannabis has been used increasingly in medicine again in recent years. Over 500 different ingredients have already been detected in cannabis. With more than 100 cannabinoids, the plant also provides valuable vitamins, proteins, amino acids, essential oils (terpenes), flavonoids, fatty acids and many other positive active ingredients.


An extract from resin and plant parts of the female hemp plant, which is pressed into plates and blocks, is hashish.

Say YES to health!

Hemp seeds that are produced for human consumption contain proteins, carbohydrates and fats (mainly in the form of hemp seed oil) as well as a high proportion of fiber and various valuable vitamins and minerals.

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